Ecological Restoration

Heartland Restoration Services, Inc. is a full service native landscaping and ecological restoration company with over 20 years experience offering cost-effective solutions for the installation and management of native landscapes.

Heartland employs a staff of knowledgeable professionals capable of installing:

All restoration projects consist of 4 primary components which form the foundation of the restoration plan, blending the client’s goals with a thorough understanding of current site conditions and long-term expectations. These 4 components are: assessment, preparation, installation, and management.

Because every site is unique and can present their own challenges, each project begins with an on-site assessment. Heartland will examine current site conditions and existing vegetation and soils to ensure that the products, plantings, and potential management solutions can be taylored to your site to maximize your return on investment. Heartland will work with you to develop a cost-effective solution.

The extent of site preparation is based upon the present site conditions, but typically includes the treatment of existing exotic/invasive species, establishment of proposed grades, and layout of the planting plans.

Heartland’s projects benefit from over 17 years experience in ecological restoration and management as well as a continued commitment to continuing education and professional development. Heartland installs high quality native, local genotype plant and seed materials with proper PLS testing, most of these materials coming from our own nursery. These materials are installed at the proper time of year with specialized equipment.

Short and long-term management are absolutely necessary for any restoration project. The development of a management plan cannot be overstated. All restoration projects require aggressive management in the first 3 – 5 years following installation while the vegetation becomes established. Heartland will work with you to develop an adaptive management program specifically designed for your restoration project that can be modified depending on the establishment and development of the restored community. For more information on the management services provided by Heartland Restoration Services, see our exotic and invasive plant management and our prescribed burn management pages.