Native Plant Nursery

Heartland Restoration Services has been producing native seed and plants since 1994 and continues to expand to meet the growing need for high quality native plant materials.  Our seed and plant operations are located in two different areas in Northeast Indiana.  We specialize in producing local-genotype native grasses, sedges, and forbs of wetland, prairie, savannah, and woodland species.


For best success on a restoration project, it is important to have plant materials that originated as close as possible to the project.  While many plant nurseries sell “native” seed (seed from plants native to North America), this type of seed may not be adapted to local climatic and soil conditions.  Small changes in bloom time, dormancy, and hardiness of non-local species will affect their ability to survive.

We strive to provide quality native seed and plants with local genotype or local genetic origin.  The majority of our original native seed was collected from wetland, prairie, savannah, and woodland remnants across northern Indiana.  We’ve kept detailed records of where each of our seed species was originally harvested.  These records have allowed us to become a part of the Source Identified Indiana Genotype Yellow Tag certification program through the Indiana Crop Improvement Association (ICIA).  Yellow Tag documentation is available to those interested and committed to obtaining source identified seed.


Following harvest and cleaning, all of our seed is Pure Live Seed (PLS) tested by an independent laboratory and stored in a climate-controlled environment to maintain viability.  Heartland Restoration Services sells PLS tested seed in single species lots or custom mixes.  Source Identified Yellow Tag documentation through the Indiana Crop Improvement Association is available on request.


Heartland Restoration Services native plants are grown in a 2.38” square by 3.75” deep open-bottom pot.  Advantages of these pots are less root entanglement, healthier plant growth, and quicker establishment once planted. To ensure long term plant health, our plants are inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi to ensure plants are capable of utilizing as many nutrients and available water. A healthy plant will be less susceptible to disease and insect problems once planted on site.

Our plants are available in full flats of 32 or 49 pots.  Other container sizes may be available, please contact us for availability for projects with special requirements or sizes.   Heartland also specializes in custom grown plants for those site specific projects. Heartland can assist in the identification, collection, cleaning, and propagation of plant species to fit your unique plant community.