Why Native Plants?

Native plants are those plants which are considered to have existed in North America prior to European settlement and naturally occur in a given habitat.

The growing season, flowering times, soil conditions, associated fauna, and other variables can be drastically different across the country.

Heartland focuses on native, local genotype species that thrive on the local environmental conditions and are genetically suited for this area.

The benefits of native, local genotype seed include:

  • Plants adapted to local hydro periods, climate, and environmental conditions
  • Plants that are more readily adapted to disturbed soils
  • Deep-rooted native plant species help to stabilize and restore the soil
  • Plants with drought, disease, and pest tolerance
  • Restoration and maintenance of genetic integrity
  • Low-maintenance and self-sustaining once established
  • Attraction of butterflies, hummingbirds, songbirds, and beneficial insects
  • Plants that are hardier than non-native, non-local relatives