$350.00/acre ♦ $50.00 per 1/10 acre
Approximate mix weight 94 lbs/acre with 54 native seeds/sq. ft.
100% Grasses/Sedges/Rushes


This mix is intended for slopes where rapid soil stabilization is required and where a native grass community is desired.  This mix contains a basic mixture of native grass seed and a heavy component of temporary cover grasses.


Scientific Name Common Name Percent of Mix Category
Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes    
Andropogon gerardii Big Bluestem 15.64%
Bouteloua curtipendula Side-Oats Grama 2.95%
Elymus canadensis Canada Wild Rye 17.00%
Elymus virginicus Virginia Wild Rye 7.26%
Panicum virgatum Switch Grass 25.72%
Schizachyrium scoparium Little Bluestem 9.39%
Sorghastrum nutans Indian Grass 22.04%
Total   100.00%
Temporary Cover Grasses    
Avena sativa Seed Oats 27.37%
Lolium multiflorum Annual Rye Grass 72.63%
Total   100.00%

Midwestern Prairie Grass Erosion Control Mix (DP2)