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Earth Source, Inc. was founded in 1988 as a landscape architectural and environmental consulting firm. To this day, a broad range of disciplines and experience enables Earth Source to provide extensive and unique land development and environmental services. The working relationships within the firm balance the needs of development with environmental concerns in a creative and site-sensitive manner. Many projects, unable to be constructed in a conventional manner, may be developed economically and aesthetically with our conservation based approach to land development.


Heartland Restoration Services was founded in 1994, prompted by the need for a full service native landscape restoration company to provide cost effective native landscape and ecological restoration services and products.


Heartland Restoration Services operates a local genotype seed and plant nursery providing custom seed mixes and plant material based upon thorough research and field experience from both Earth Source and Heartland Restoration Services. Our staff of knowledgeable professionals understands the principals of ecological restoration and applies these principles to implement plans for construction and management on a wide variety of project types.

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