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Lake & Pond Shoreline Stabilization & Enhancement

Heartland Restoration Services specializes in lake and pond shoreline enhancement and stabilization projects.

The proper use and installation of native plants and other bioengineering materials along lake and pond shorelines can greatly improve water quality and add color, diversity, and aesthetic interest to residential communities, commercial developments, and the natural environment.


Benefits of using native plants along lake and pond edges:

  • Re-establish native plants where invasive species may currently exist

  • Absorb wave energy and reduce shoreline erosion and sedimentation

  • Deter geese by providing a natural barrier between the water and maintained lawn areas

  • Absorb nutrients and filter pollutants from storm water runoff

  • Improve site aesthetics and property values

  • Attract wildlife such as songbirds, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, and butterflies

  • Improve fish habitat

  • Reduce maintenance costs

Keys to a successful shoreline project:

  • Selection of proper plant/bioengineering material

  • Proper timing of installation to ensure plant materials will survive and establish quickly

  • Protection from nuisance Canada geese and muskrats, to prevent predation

  • Post-installation management of exotic and invasive species

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